Sustainable Forest Management Certification

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Sustaining Our Customers and Our Future

Teal-Jones Sustainable Forest Management Policy is a statement of intentions and principles in relation to sustainable forest management that provides a framework for objectives, targets, practices and actions.


Harvesting operations include a Tree Farm Licence on Southern Vancouver Island and Timber and Forest Licences in the Fraser Valley and Canyon area. All forestry operations are certified to the CSA Z809-16 Sustainable Forest Management Standard.

Teal-Jones’ Sustainable Forest Management Plan outlines commitments to meeting biological, social, cultural and economic criteria and indicators.  The Sustainable Forest Management Plan is maintained through active public involvement by a range of local people. As part of the certification requirements, Teal-Jones regularly undergoes independent, third-party audits to ensure compliance with the standard.

  • Teal Cont Improvement (3)Corporate Management The Corporate Management System is an adaptive management system that allows for a systematic approach to continual improvement.
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  • P9200557 (2)Sustainable Forest Management PlanThe objective of The Teal-Jones Group Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Plan is to provide a vehicle for transferring higher level sustainable forest management commitments to “on the ground commitments”.
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  • P9200552 (2)Sustainable Forest Management Certificate The CSA Z809-08 Sustainable Forest Management Standard – Certificate of Registration is available for viewing or download.
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  • 026 (2)Public Advisory Groups The Teal-Jones Group (Teal) maintains two public advisory groups; The Fraser Public Advisory Group and The Southwest Island Public Advisory Group.
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  • P9200550 (2)3rd Party Audits In order to be certified to the Canadian Standards Association Sustainable Forest Management standard, Teal undergoes an independent, third-party audit annually.
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