Public Advisory Groups

Public Participation

Teal-Jones maintains two Public Advisory Groups:
  1. Fraser Public Advisory Group (Forest License A19201 and Timber License T0822 located within the Fraser Timber Supply Area)
  2. Southwest Island Public Advisory Group (Tree Farm License (TFL ) 46)
The purpose of the Public Advisory Groups are to assist Teal-Jones with the Sustainable Forest Management Plan, including: identifying and selecting local level values, objectives, indicators, and targets based on International Sustainable Forest Management elements and local issues of relevance, developing and assessing related strategies for achieving targets, reviewing the Sustainable Forest Management Plan periodically, evaluating monitoring programs to recommend improvements, and discussing/resolving issues which arise relevant to Sustainable Forest Management in Teal-Jones’ operating areas. A diverse group of local, interested parties participate as members of each PAG, including representatives of First Nations, tourism and recreation groups, local government, communities, local businesses, wildlife/fisheries, environment and work force. Members are involved in discussions of forest values and forest management. Members identify the values important to them and share their opinions with the group. Topics include, but are not limited to: biological diversity, ecosystem condition & productivity, soil and water, global ecological cycles, economic and social benefits, society’s responsibility and Aboriginal relations. These discussions provide valuable input and are an integral part of the Sustainable Forest Management Plan.  
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