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Forest Stewardship Plan

Forest Stewardship is the sustainable management of public forest land on behalf of the people of British Columbia. This requires balancing the many resources and values of the public forest including, but not limited to; timber, water, wildlife, fisheries, recreation, botanical forest products, forage, cultural heritage and biodiversity. Forest companies work in co-operation with government agencies, First Nations, forest stakeholders and the public to ensure that provincial government’s objectives for the management, protection and conservation of forest resources are met.

The Forest and Range Practices Act requires the holders of a major licence to prepare and obtain approval of a Forest Stewardship Plan for the areas where timber may be harvested and roads constructed.

This draft Forest Stewardship Plan (dated January 25, 2017) has been prepared for the following forest tenures held by the respective licensees:

  • Tree Farm Licence 46 and Timber Licence T0910 – Teal Cedar Products Ltd.
  • Forest Licence A52027 – Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-operative.
  • Forest Licences A94005 and A94282 – Ditidaht Forestry Ltd.
  • FT0A Licence A94261 – Lake Cowichan First Nation.

Once approved, the Forest Stewardship Plan will replace the original Forest Stewardship Plan dated October 31, 2006 and its subsequent amendments. Following the legislative requirements, the Forest Stewardship Plan will be available for public review and comment starting January 25, 2017, and lasting for a minimum 60-day period.

Should you have comments resulting from your review, please submit them in writing to the undersigned at any time during this period. In order to ensure your interests are fully considered, we recommend you follow these tips:

  • identify interests, uses, and attributes in specified areas within the Forest Stewardship Plan that are important to you;
  • identify your concerns about how forest development could affect your interests, uses, and attributes;
  • provide any other information you feel the licensees needs to be made aware of; and
  • include your contact information.

Comments will be received until March 31, 2017. All comments received through this process will be considered prior to submitting the final document to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Please submit comments in writing to:

Attention: Mark Carter, RPF

Teal Cedar Products Ltd.

P.O. Box 358, Mesachie Lake, BC, V0R 2N0

Phone: (778) 830-1039

Fax: (250) 749-4511

In addition to the Forest Stewardship Plan being available on The Teal Jones Group website, the document is presented for public review and comment during normal business hours by appointment at Teal Cedar Products Ltd. Office, Honeymoon Bay Operation 9376 South Shore Road, Mesachie Lake, BC Phone: (604) 226-8942 Fax: (250)749-4511

The Forest Stewardship Plan and Maps may be viewed digitally: