Shingle Panels

Features & Benefits

100% Vertical Grain – 100% Clear – 100% Heartwood
Teal uses 100% Vertical Grain, 100% Clear and 100% Heartwood Western Red Cedar shingles in their panel system.


Band Sawn Textured Shingle Face
Teal’s vertical grain shingles have a textured band sawn face, which absorbs stains, paints and other finishes more readily and evenly compared to other milled surfaces.

Two-Ply “Cedar on Cedar” Design
The Teal Panel is a true two-ply “Cedar on Cedar” design providing the optimum in weather protection and durability, superior to other designs using plywood backer board


Overlapping Joints
Teal’s backer-board includes an overlapping horizontal joint that provides added protection against moisture and easy installation alignment. The Teal Panel also features secure overlapping vertical end joints providing further protection from the elements.


Thick Butt Western Red Cedar Shingles
Teal manufactures its Western Red Cedar shingles to industry standards featuring a ½” butt shingle for added longevity and style.


The Teal panel includes full key-ways allowing the shingles to expand and contract naturally with the environment.

Multi-Part Fastening System
The Teal Panel features a multi-part adhesive System providing the flexibility necessary for the shingles to expand and contract naturally with the environment. Staple fasteners are not required and metal stain/bleeding is eliminated.


Concealed Nailing
The Teal Panel is nailed along the upper edge of the panel approximately 1¼ ” from the top and the nails are subsequently hidden by the succeeding overlapping panel.