Southern Yellow Pine

The Teal-Jones Group’s operation in the Southern United States manufactures dimensional Southern Yellow Pine lumber – the preferred choice for today’s building applications. Native to this area, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) is known as one of the strongest, dependable and most versatile species of wood used for a wide range of applications and providing inherent advantages.  
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Applications This product is intended for use where appearance and strength are a factor. SYP’s wood grain pattern and golden color, left natural or stained, provides an appealing quality look. This dimensional lumber is ideal for a wide range construction and project applications such as light frame construction, utility framing, floor and roof trusses, decks and various backyard amenities. Grades We are devoted to producing a quality product and ensure consistent grading standards. Each piece is inspected and graded for minimum knots, wane presence (bark remnants), slope of grain and material efficiency to meet or exceed all standards. Kiln Dried To help minimize warping and shrinkage associated with green lumber, our Southern Pine is kiln-dried for long term stability. Product Specifications The Teal-Jones Group’s SYP lumber is graded in accordance with the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) Standard Grading Rules for Southern Pine Lumber. SYP Lumber Grading Rules
Size Length Grade
2” x 4” 8’ to 16’ #1 Prime, #1,#2, #3-4 Mix
2” x 6” 8’ to 16’ #1 Prime, #1,#2, #3-4 Mix
4” x 4” 8’ to 16’ #1 Prime, #1,#2, #3-4 Mix
4” x 6” 8’ to 16’ #1 Prime, #1,#2, #3-4 Mix
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