Asia Pacific Structural

The Teal-Jones Group produces structural components including concrete form-work markets in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

Our Product

We manufacture custom metric sizes that can be tailored specifically to the region and customer. Our products are unique in the market because they are manufactured and graded with tight size tolerances and a strong focus on appearance. Manufactured in metro Vancouver, BC, a 21-day delivery time via ocean break bulk or container shipment is standard.

We have the knowledge and expertise to manufacture the right product within the customers required tolerances.

Contact our Sales Group for more information on how we can help you with you with structural items for the Asia Pacific market.

Asia Pacific Structural

Key Product Characteristics
Measurements Region/Customer Specific Sizes
Lengths 2.44m, 2.74m, 3.0m, 3.65m, 4.3m, 4.85m, 5.45m, 6.0m and up to 7.3m
Grades Region/Customer Specific
Treatments Kiln Dried, Heat Treated