The Teal-Jones Group’s Hem-Fir is a mixture of two species: Western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and Amabilis fir (Abies amabilis). Western hemlock and Amabilis fir are nearly identical in visual appearance and physical properties and are harvested, processed and marketed as a species group in mixed packages under the designation Hem-Fir. These species account for 60% of the available timber on the BC coast and are found at lower to mid elevations on the coastal mountain ranges of western North America, extending from Alaska southward, with Western Hemlock extending into the southern interior of BC.  The Species is:

• Characterized by even grain, stainability and lack of pitch making it an excellent product for moulding, architectural millwork and paneling.

• Preferred for treated wood applications and outdoor landscaping.

• Coveted in Japan for its nail-holding qualities, uniform coloring and high strength and compression perpendicular to the grain.  Hem-Fir is a preferred species for traditional Zairai home building.

• The most cost-effective specie in concrete form-work projects throughout China.

Physical Properties Density (air dry average): 480 kg/cubic meters Specific gravity (oven dry average): 0.47 Modulus of elasticity: 12 300 MPa Modulus of rupture: 81.1 MPa
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