Appearance / Clear / Factory Grades

WW_HF_Appr_Clr_PicThe Teal-Jones Group produces Shop through clear items from old growth programs manufactured at the Stag Timber mill in metro Vancouver, BC. Our product Hem-Fir factory and clear grades are well-suited species for use in joinery and millwork, which includes windows, doors, mouldings, paneling and other finishing. Contact our Sales Group for more information on how the Teal-Jones Group can help you with your North American Hem-Fir lumber needs.

Hemlock Clear and Factory Grades

Key Product Characteristics
Measurements 1 3/8″ to 5” in thickness
Lengths 7’ to 20′ odd and even
Grades 3 Clear and Better, Factory Flitch through to 4 clear (Larger Cross Sections) 3 Clear and Better, 2 shop through 4 clear  (Smaller Cross Sections)
Treatments Green and Kiln Dried
 Finish Rough