Japan Industrial

WW_Spruce_Japan_Indust_PicThe Teal-Jones Group produces materials for Konpozai business industrial use in Japan. Our product We produce cross sections and length matrices to customer-specific requirements. Produced monthly, a minimum 95% on-time shipping performance is standard. Our log supply comes from our holdings and licenses, and is supplemented with quality outside purchases from long-term certified suppliers. Manufactured in metro Vancouver, BC, we are only 15 kms from shipping docks, and about a 10-day delivery time via ocean break bulk or container shipment to Japan. Contact our Sales Group for more information on how the Teal-Jones Group can help you with industrial items for the Japanese market.

Sitka Spruce Konpozai Squares

Key Product Characteristics
Measurements 90x90mm, 105x105mm and 120x120mm
Lengths 3.0m, 3.65m, 4.0m, 4.85m, 5.45m, 6.0m – Focusing heavy to the  6.0m lengths.
Grades Konpozai,  Ultra and Better
Treatments Green