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Service and Contacts

The Whitewood Sales Group services a variety of market segments with a wide range of needs. Traveling to each of these segments and meeting with end-users and distributors is our preferred method of customer service.

Through this face-to-face contact, the Teal-Jones Group sales, logistics, quality control and production employees gain a solid understanding of the unique characteristics of each segment. Implementing new products, grades, transportation, and inventory arrangements that customers value, has resulted in many successful relationships.

Stag Timber & J.S. Jones Sales Team

Toll Free – 1-888-995-TEAL (8325)

John Burch
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Len van Ryswyk
Sales Manager, J.S. Jones Timber
Japan, Korea, China, and European Sales

Andrew Hill 
Sales Manager, Stag Timber
Australia, Japan, Korea, China Sales

Paul Saini
Sales & Marketing
U.S., China/S.E Asia Sales

Art Barker
Sales & Marketing
North American Sales