The Teal-Jones Group is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all personnel by establishing and maintaining safe work practices through adequate procedures and direction.

The Teal-Jones Group recognizes safety as our number one priority. The following commitments: are made to ensure this goal is achieved throughout our operations:

  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable occupational health and safety legislation and other management commitments
  • Promoting safe work practices among all personnel through education and communication
  • Demonstrating continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety Program through regular evaluation and reporting of safety performance and procedures
  • Minimizing the health and safety risks of activities by conducting all aspects of our forest management and wood manufacturing activities in a manner that guards against potential incidents
  • Where any worker experiences an injury of illness, make every effort to accommodate that worker to ensure his/her attendance at work through the company’s modified duty program

Senior Management has the responsibility to achieve a healthy and safe workplace. Specifically they must establish and maintain adequate policies, standards, and procedures; maintain buildings and equipment to provide a safe working environment; provide required tools and appropriate training; and ensure personnel have adequate resources to implement safety commitments.

Supervisors have the responsibility to implement health and safety commitments. Specifically they must: ensure that employees are instructed and trained in safe work practices; ensure compliance with established policies, standards and procedures; conduct regular safety inspections; conduct regular safety meetings; report to Senior Management any real or potential safety or health hazards; and conduct accident investigations.

It is the responsibility of all personnel to: observe established policies, standards and procedures; work in a safe and prudent manner; identify potential hazards; protect themselves and fellow workers; and report any real or potential safety or health hazards to their Supervisor.


Tom Jones, President
July 2021