The Teal Jones Group underwent a Maintenance Assessment of their Sustainable Forest Management (“SFM”) system to the CAN/CSA Z809-2016 Sustainable Forest Management Standard between September 17th-19th, 2019. The assessment was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (“PwC”) on a portion of the Defined Forest Area (“DFA”) including Tree Farm License No. 46 and Timber License T0910 within the Arrowsmith Timber Supply Area at Teal Jones’ Honeymoon Bay Operations (“HBO”). The Assessment comprised of 4.0 days onsite including 2.0 days of field work.  Activities assessed at HBO included the following forest management activities:

  • Planning (office review)
  • Harvesting (6 completed or partially completed sites),
  • Road construction/road/bridge maintenance (7 completed sites) and;
  • Planting/silviculture/brushing (2 completed sites).

In some cases, single field sites reviewed had multiple activities occurring and/or completed activities which have been included in sample numbers presented. Due to low log markets, HBO field operations were suspended at the time of the Assessment. Additionally, the use of drone imagery was utilized prior to field Assessments to help review field activities. The objective of the Assessment was to confirm the management system complies with the applicable elements of the Standard; to confirm the organization complies with its own SFM policies and procedures; to confirm the management system is suitable and effective for the organization; and to confirm the management system enables the client to achieve its own SFM objectives.

The assessment team included James Lucas, RPF, (EMS LA – Lead Assessor), and Sean Pledger, FIT (EMS LA – Assessor). The Teal Jones SFM representative was Chris Harvey, RPF.  The assessment involved field tours and office visits (interviews and file reviews) of the Honeymoon Bay operations as well as interviews with 6 Teal Jones staff and contractors, 2 Public Advisory Group (“PAG”) members (including one who came of the field tour), 1 representative from the Pacheedaht First Nation and one government official from the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development in order to examine Teal Jones’ compliance record.  Other participants included 2 staff from FYBR Solutions, who provided drone imagery for review on four forest management units. There were no significant concerns brought forth by any individuals interviewed with regard to Teal Jones’ forest management, environmental performance or the PAG process during the assessment.  Requirements assessed included the scope of the Teal Jones 2019 Sustainable Forest Management Plan and Indicators reported for the 2018 calendar year.