Custom Cutting


  • Log deliveries by truck or water
  • Computer scanned and optimized log bucking
  • Autolog headrig scanner / optimizer
  • Kita hydraulic setworks
  • On site planer-mill with reman capabilities
  • Dip tank application of anti sap-stain treatment
  • Small log sorting / scaling yard


Quality finish, accurate sawing and top presentation.


The management team at Stag Timber is committed to working with our customers to ensure that the best grade out turn and the highest recovery is achieved from every log.

Stag Timber Sawmill Specifications

Log Prep

Logs can be delivered to mill site by truck or water. Small log sorting yard for scaling or marking logs prior to cut. Computer optimized log bucking station provides accurate log length and diameter measurements. The combination of positive hard stops and temposonic saw positioning allows the customer to buck logs to any desired length with a high level of accuracy.

Head Rig

8’ Double Cut Band Mill
Saw kerf0.220”
Max. log diameter65”
Max. log length24’
Autolog setworks and optimizer

Bull Edger

12” – 6 Shifting Saws
Saw kerf0.210”
Max. depth of cut12”
Max. width ( set )32”
Min. width ( set )2.060”
Max. input cant size12”x48”
KITA setworks


6’ Single Band Mill
Saw kerf0.170”
Max. depth of cut12”
Max. width ( set )12”
Max. input cant size9”x12”
KITA setworks

Pony Edger

10” – 2 Shifting Saws and 4 Saw Cluster
Saw kerf0.170”
Max. depth of cut10”
Max. width ( set )12″
Max. input cant size9”x12”
KITA setworks and optimizer

Cluster sizes

  • 27 mm ( 1.063” )
  • 30 mm ( 1.181” )
  • 33 mm ( 1.299 “ )
  • 44 mm ( 1.732” )
  • 48 mm ( 1.890” )
  • 51 mm ( 2.00” )
  • 52 mm ( 2.047” )


58 sorts 5”X12” max. size board x 24’ long


240 sorts 12”x 24” max. size cant x 24’ long

Custom Cut Charges

( Effective January 01, 2018 ) Changeover fee of  $ 1000.00  applies to all cuts. Mechanical downtime will be reimbursed ( pro-rated per minute ) on all cuts that are subject to minimum mill rate. The following items are included in the cutting charge for all packages produced in the sawmill and bound for the planer or shipped rough:

  • Regular lathing for load stabilization.
  • Banding

Cutting Styles

  • Lumber cut
  • Timber cut
  • Cant cut