Jun 24, 2022


Teal Jones’ Pine Products division in Martinsville, Virginia, is often a family affair with more than one member of families working together at the operations. One such duo is Matthew & Michael Cook.

Father Mike Cook was working as a truck driver when he suggested his son Matthew, then 18, apply for a job at the mill in 2013. Matt started turning boards at the trim saw before being promoted to sorter operator and then to the team operating the dry kiln. He is now the lead hand on the operation’s dry kiln and burner.

The mill specializes in cutting dimension lumber for construction out of local Southern yellow pine. They cut everything from 2×4’s to 2×10’s in lengths up to 16’, as well as pallet cants.

The company recently invested in a new, cutting-edge kiln at the mill – the new technology easier and more effective to work with.

During his years at Pine Products Matt has married his childhood sweetheart, and they have a cute four-year-old daughter together.

Matt says one of his favourite events during the year working at Pine Products is the annual chicken fry picnic management puts on.

His father, Mike, meanwhile, is working at the operation moving and loading chip trailers.