Aug 11, 2022


Alfred Jones has a simple safety philosophy – know what you can do safely, always ensure equipment is locked out, and watch for people working around you

Alfred Jones has worked at Teal Jones Lumber in Antlers, Oklahoma for more than fifteen years without a recordable or lost time accident!

Currently a millwright, his safety philosophy is simple.

“You need to know what you can and can’t do without getting hurt by making sure that everything is locked-out properly when working on equipment.”  Alfred said that being safe is also about “watching other people… sometimes they can do things that could cause others to get hurt.”  He said that if he sees someone doing something unsafe, he will say something to them to hopefully prevent them from getting hurt.

Alfred started working at the lumber mill prior to Teal Jones’ purchase. He helped previous owner Valley Timber build the mill, part of a team that laid concrete on the second floor of the lumber mill.

His first position with the company was in the sawmill as a merchandiser, which he worked in for more than five years before being asked to work as a millwright because of his mechanical ability to work on breakdowns.

Alfred lives with his wife of forty-five years in Moyers, Oklahoma and has one daughter and three grandchildren.

Alfred is a great example of working safely.  We are proud to have Alfred on our Antlers’ Team!