Jan 08, 2021


Surrey, B.C. – The Teal Jones Group is committed to sustainable management of the resources under their stewardship in a scientifically credible and responsible manner. In the Forest Sector, oversight in all realms is provided by licensed, professional third-party organizations and Government, with approvals for harvesting are issues through the Lands and Resource offices of First Nations. The Teal Jones Group recognizes that only by maintaining a balance of environmental, social, cultural and economic values can weconsistently achieve our long term objectives and commitments, including the competitive and efficient production of high quality forestproducts.

The Teal Jones Group’s commitments to sustainable forest management include:

  • Utilizing Qualified Professionals to ensure diverse, healthy, sustainably managed forest lands, resources and ecosystems consistent with the public interest;
  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions as well as safeguards for all workers, contractors and, where necessary, the public in and around worksites;
  • Achieving and maintaining sustainable forest management which balances the use of natural resources and protects environmental, social and cultural values, including unique or special features;
  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable legislation, regulations, policies and other management commitments;
  • Recognizing and respecting Aboriginal title and rights, and treaty rights;
  • Providing ongoing and meaningful participation opportunities for the public and Aboriginal Peoples with rights and interests in sustainableforest management;
  • Incorporating local knowledge, concerns and evolving values and issues;
  • Honouring all international agreements and conventions relevant to sustainable forest management to which Canada is a signatory;
  • Minimizing or mitigating environmental impacts and pollution through responsible, science based planning and procedures;
  • Utilizing and improving on the most current sustainable forest management science, research, theory and technology;
  • Promoting sustainable forest management practices and awareness among staff, employees contractors, and the public;
  • Educating and engaging the public regarding sustainable forest management and the use of wood products as an environmentally friendly choice; and
  • Demonstrating continual improvement and accountability through regular monitoring, evaluation and reporting of performance andprocedures.