Feb 07, 2023


Forestry Friendly Communities recently published a series profiling four young Teal Jones Forest Professionals – Taylor Sprangers, Thomas Bennett, Calvin Lee, and Gerrit Bittner.

The four are members of a larger team working in the company’s Fraser Valley woods operations, which produces a substantial volume of the logs we mill into value-added products at our main Surrey mill site and smaller speciality mills across BC.

Our Registered Professional Foresters work with skilled professionals in numerous other fields to make sure cut-blocks, roads, bridges, and transportation is all done safely and in an environmentally-sustainable manner – that appropriate areas are left untouched to protect wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and streams; that everything meets and exceeds provincial regulations and our voluntary third-party forest management certifications; and that commitments to local First Nations are met. On a given day, they might engage with archaeologists, professional wildlife biologists, professional engineers with a variety of specialties, and logging contractors, as well as members of local First Nations.

They’re also driving adoption of cutting-edge technology in our woods operations, such as using drones equipped with specialized video to quickly render detailed 3D maps for planning and quality control purposes. The maps can be viewed back in the office and shared with logging contractors – giving anyone who needs it a 360-degree, layered view of planned cut blocks and roads, as well as areas of replanted forests.

With young forestry professionals like these, Teal Jones’ future is in good hands.