Sustaining Our Customers and Our Future

In accordance with today’s stringent, environmentally sound harvesting practices, The Teal-Jones Group consistently exceeds the highest standards of responsible harvesting, maintaining, and reforesting of public timberlands, area-based tree farms, open-market licenses, privately-acquired properties, and log-trade contracts.

Whether it is Government legislated, voluntarily participating and adhering to a rigorous Sustainable Management System/Certification (PEFC) or designing and developing a corporate Environmental Policy, The Teal-Jones Group is committed to the ongoing health and sustainability of our forests, our environment and our industry’s future.

Harvesting operations currently span Central Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, the BC Interior and the Queen Charlotte Islands. The company holds Tree Farm Licenses, Timber Licences and Forest Licences which provide much of the raw fiber necessary to maintain the mills operational requirements. This entitlement entrenches The Teal-Jones Group as one of the largest private forestry firms on Canada’s West Coast.