Teal-Jones Company Overview VIDEO link   The Teal-Jones Group is involved in timber harvesting and the manufacture of primary lumber products in the coastal region of British Columbia, Canada’s most westerly province. We produce a wide range of solid wood products including high quality appearance/decorative products, structural lumber for housing and general construction, special sizes and grades for remanufacturing, as well as utility and lower grade products suitable for pallets, packaging and other industrial uses. These products are produced in the five softwood species that grow in the coastal region: Western hemlock – Hem-Fir (N), Douglas fir (N), Western red cedar, Yellow cedar and Sitka spruce. The Teal-Jones Group has a long history of commitment to international markets for its lumber products. This is reflected in its long term marketing plans, which are based on continuity of supply.  This involves reliability of supply, quality products that meet customers’ needs and management of the forest in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We want to produce what you want to buy not what we want to sell. Our business relations are based on trust and performance, honesty, integrity and discipline. The Province of British Columbia, which owns 94% of the province’s forest base, has established and enforces a strict Forest Practices Code on all forest companies operating in the province. The level of forest management is high by international standards and meets or exceeds standards set by leading forest management certification bodies. Our social mission is: MANAGING YOUR RESOURCE FOR YOU.
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  • Cmpy_Hist_OV_TbnHistory The family history of involvement in the British Columbia (B.C.) Forest Industry of the present owners is traced back to their great-great-grandfather, who, in the 1860’s pursued a logging career on B.C.’s West Coast. Read More »
  • Cmpy_Op_OV_TbnOperations The Teal-Jones Group’s Main offices are located on the banks of the Fraser River in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, a suburb of Vancouver. We also have numerous Mills, Log Sorts and Timber Harvesting Operations located throughout British Columbia, and in Sumas, Washington, U.S.A. Read More »
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